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This website was started on September 2, 2009 to unite and inform the
descendants of William Henry Harvey & Rebecca Scott Harvey.

Harvey History

Family oral history has it that William Henry Harvey came to Rich Square, Northampton Co., NC in the early 1880’s driving 2 Oxen and a wagon. He was working as a shinglemaker putting shingles on the home of John Thomas Walden with Solomon Webb. William met John Thomas’s cousin Rebecca Scott, daughter of Joseph Scott and Easter Walden.

On April 16, 1885 William and Rebecca were married at her home in Rich Square. William was 34 and Rebecca was 16 years old. Of this union nine children were born. Seven had descendants and two did not. No one has ever known where William originated from, who his parents or siblings were or if he had a previous family. If Rebecca knew of his life prior to his coming to Rich Square, she did not pass this information on to her children or grandchildren.

The 1900 census for Rich Square lists William as being born Mar. 1850. He was fifteen years old when the Civil War ended in 1865 and we have no record to ascertain if he was a Free Man of Color or a Slave prior to the war. When William and Rebecca’s oldest daughter Annie Harvey married James Boyce on January 28, 1908 William was listed as living on her marriage license. On the 1910 census for Rich Square Rebecca was listed as a widow and her youngest child Alice Mae was two years old.

Therefore, William Henry Harvey presumably died between 1908 and 1910. Rebecca Scott Harvey died in Rich Square in 1954. The daunting challenge now is while we work on uniting his descendants we also try to find out about William’s life and family prior to age 34 and our family’s history before the Civil War.

William came to Rich Square about 1884 and was deceased by 1910. In the six generations following the 25 year union of William and Rebecca we have at present counted 767 descendants and we are confident that there are over 500 + more out there to be enumerated.

From these humble beginnings in Rich Square, Northampton Co. North Carolina the Harvey’s and their descendants have grown and spread throughout the world. We hope to unite and bring together the family to the best of our ability, to rediscover our history and to strengthen our bond.