Tempie Harvey, the 8th of William and Rebecca’s children, was born on November 1, 1904 in Rich Square, NC.

On September 13, 1923 Tempie married Luther Paul Majette son of Richard Majette and Parthenia Little Majette and of this union five children were born; Luther Paul, Dorthy Mae, Annie Mae, Rudisill and Lola Juanita.

On July 2, 1995, at the age of 90, Tempie Harvey Majette died of a Stroke. Tempie is interred at the Willow Oak Church Cemetery in Rich Square, NC.


 Tempie’s Husband

Tempie’s Children


Luther Paul Majette

October 15, 1924 – August 9, 2002
 Dorothy_Mae_Majett_edited Dorothy Mae Majette
August 29, 1926
Annie Mae Majette
August 31,1928
Rudisill_Majett  Rudisill Majette
September 10, 1933
Lola Juanita Majette
May 31, 1936