The Original Fly Girl 


Dorothy Mae Majette Tann
Daughter of Luther P. Majette Sr. & Tempie Harvey
Granddaughter of William H. Harvey & Rebecca Scott Harvey

On Saturday, August 25th, a small gathering of family and friends celebrated the 91st birthday of Dorothy Mae Majette Tann. It was her son CC who had the idea to come together for such an occasion. Since she had a large celebration last year for her 90th birthday in Williamsburg, Va; this year we were in her back yard underneath a shade tree. Mama’s birthday is actually August 29th (28th according to Social Security).  She had 4 children in attendance, CC with wife, Carolyn,  Barbara, Judy and Gary, her sister Rudi Bradley along with Glenda Peebles, Florence Ward, Tracy Tann and Shea, her niece from the Walden side, Mildred Dolberry her daughter Pat and Pat’s granddaughter.

So, CC put his talent to work and fried fish and chicken wings. We had plenty of side dishes, even some Brunswick stew that Mama made on the stovetop. And of course birthday cake with ice cream.

Mama is one the oldest of the Harvey clan from the third generation. She lives alone (for now), still drives out to Rich Square and sometimes Jackson. She is still an awesome cook and overall loving person. Have you ever seen her funny side, she is hilarious, she keeps those grandchildren in stitches all the time. Mama enjoys life, the lastest fashions ( MS. Fashionista), and her Bible Study group at Willow Oak Church.  She loves her family and will visit each one every now and then as long as you tell her what day you are bringing her back to Rich Square!!!

Happy Birthday Mama, and we hope you have many, many more!!!!

From her favorite daughter,


The Harvey Family Reunion wishes Dorothy Mae a Happy Birthday!

We Love YOU!


Hi Family,

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The 2018 Harvey Family Reunion Executive Committee

Stephanie Diane Tolson – Executive Chair, Communications
Kimberly Parker Truesdale – Executive Co-Chair, Finance, Registeration
Cheryl Anderson – Decoration
Gloria Greene – Family History
Jarvis Thomas Harvey – Accommodations
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A Tribute To Mama Janie

Mrs. Janie Harvey Grant

Daughter of William Daniel Harvey Sr. & Mider Manley Jacobs Harvey
Granddaughter of William Henry Harvey & Rebecca Scott Harvey


Mrs. Janie Harvey Grant known to many of us as “Ma-ma or Mama Janie” is the daughter of the late Daniel and Mider Harvey.
When talking to her about family, she said, “It was 12 of us in all that they raised. Eight of Papa’s and Mama’s that was living, two died at birth, and they raised two as their own”.
She is the only surviving sibling from this lovely union that serves as our family backbone.
She has two daughters, Johnnie Edwards and Rosa Thomas. She has helped raise just about all of us that are here today to witness this blessed occasion.I always love to talk to Mamma Janie and learn about our family history. She has told me many, many, many stories, all of which I will never forget. Some of them will make you laugh and some will cause you to cry. Though it all, look around, we are the fruit brought forth from that Family tree.
She told me, that when all the children became grown they left home and Papa Daniel and Ma Mider moved from Ashetown to Bryantown Road.
In 1946, she married Roosevelt Grant on the 7th of January at the age of 21. He had gone to the Army and was sent off to World War II. When he returned, they married. At the time of Roosevelt’s passing, they had been married for 60 years.


When Mama Janie and I talk about Church, it’s so amazing and brings about an unexplainable feeling.
She says, Revival was always in August and would last all day. They would take a lunch break and go right back to revival. It was one Friday at 9 years old, during Revival, when Mama Janie said that she first experienced the Holy GhostShe explained that Rev. Pierce (Rev. Gregory Edmond’s grandfather) and Mrs. Lettie Boyce was sitting in the pulpit.The people that were sitting with Mama Janie at the time, were also children. They included: her twin sister Janet, Baby Ray, Connie Boyce, Willie Boyce, Pep Baugham, and John Baugham.
She went on to say that she started shouting and ran up to the preacher, she added that he was a praying man too. She said that she was the first one to get up and then others started to get up.Mama Janie said that she doesn’t know what they were feeling but she surly knew what she was feeling.
She loved singing in the Gospel Chorus when she was able to and her favorite song, that she loves to hear Mrs. Lucy sing, was “When I Rose This Morning, I didn’t have no doubt, I Knew that the Lord would bring me out”.

Our Backbone

Mama Janie played a major role in many of our lives from our childhood up until this very moment. In all of literature, one of the greatest tributes to women is found in the thirty-first chapter of Proverbs.
This chapter describes Mama Janie: a Godly woman, a virtuous woman, her worth is far above rubies, the heart of her husband safely trusts her, she willingly works with her hands, the is like the merchant ships, she brings her food from afar, she also rises while it is yet night and provides food for her household as well as others, she girds herself with strength, she extends her hand to the poor, she reaches out her hands to the needy, strength and honor are her clothing, she speaks with a mouth full of wisdom and kindness, she is diligent and compassionate, she’s a praying woman, she is blessed beyond measures and we all rise up and acknowledge this fact, but of all these things, she will say that her best attribute is that she’s a woman who fears and loves the Lord.

We Love You Mama Janie!

Rev. Jean LaToya Jacobs

Daughter of Matthew Hamilton Jacobs & Phyllis Diane Ward
Granddaughter of Earl Vinson Ward & Mittie Jean Wilkins Ward
Great Granddaughter of Rix (Boot) Ward & Ethel Virginia (Sadie) Harvey Ward
Great Great Granddaughter of William Daniel Harvey Sr. & Mider Manley Jacobs Harvey
Great Great Great Granddaughter of William Henry Harvey & Rebecca Scott Harvey

98th Birthday Celebration

Janie Leona Harvey Grant
Daughter of William Daniel Harvey Sr. & Mider Manley Jacobs Harvey
Granddaughter of William Henry Harvey and Rebecca Scott Harvey
Saturday March 4, 2017
Northampton Cultural & Wellness Center
Jackson, North Carolina

Aunt Janie is Aunt Janie! I am the daughter of her 1st cousin Cora Willia Harvey Richardson. I will be 70 years’ young this year and she has always been Aunt Janie to me and my siblings. Her temperament, her smile and her love has always been consistent throughout our childhood. Her 98th celebration, the food, the fellowship, and the location was outstanding. It was well worth the trip down from Hampton, Virginia my daughter Patricia and I took, even though we got lost in Jackson. To the organizers, “You All” did a great Job. To Aunt Janie, you are a beautiful woman, inside and out. I love you and I wish you continued good health and I will see you at 99, 100 and beyond.
Love You!

Sylvia Joann Baugham Banks

Daughter of George Carver (Connie) Baugham & Arneta Holloway Baugham
Granddaughter of Prince Albert Baugham & Mariah Frances Harvey Baugham
Great Granddaughter of William Henry Harvey I & Rebecca Scott Harvey


Sylvia Baugham Banks  January 19, 2017
@University of North Carolina @ Pembroke (UNCP)

In 1969 Sylvia was the 1st African-American to graduate from the University of North Carolina @ Pembroke (then known as Pembroke State University)

On January 19, 2017, the UNC Pembroke’s Diversity Council held a Candlelight Vigil and program/reception in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and invited Sylvia, their first African-American graduate, back as guest speaker.

Sylvia, (known to most family and friends as Joann) was born in Lumberton, a city in Roberson County, North Carolina. She graduated from Bladen Central High School in 1964 and entered Fayetteville State College.  In 1965 Joann transferred to South Eastern Community College in Whiteville, NC and graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in Sociology in 1967. She started Pembroke State College in the Fall of 1967 as a Junior and was the first African American to graduate in 1969 from Pembroke State University. She graduated with a BA Degree in Sociology with a Minor in History.

At the time of Joann’s graduation her idol was Eliot Ness. Ness had been a Prohibition agent and the leader of a team of enforcement agents nicknamed “The Untouchables”. Ness became famous for his efforts in bringing down Chicago gangster and crime boss Al Capone. Because Ness had had an elite crime team stationed in Cleveland, Ohio, Joann went there after college and started work at the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court system as a Probation Officer. She retired from the Cuyahoga Court in 1996 as an Intake Mediator in which she held unofficial Court hearings and returned to North Carolina to take care of her aging parents who have since passed away, Connie in 1997 and Arneta in 2009.

At present, Joann still keeps busy. She loves watching British mysteries, reading History and Religious books and her new passion is Adult Coloring books. She is a member of the Nationally Certified Activity Directors and is Nationally Certified as a Home Care Specialist. Joann volunteers at the Senior Center in Blanch and serves on the Caswell Family Medical Center Board, the United Fund Board and the Senior Tarheel Legislator for Caswell County which she is also the Sgt. At Arms for this session.

Joann’s words of wisdom to our young family members are:

“Whatever your dream, Stick to It”.

This does not necessarily mean a 4-year education.  Whatever you want to do, pick a mantra and don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do it. Persevere. No matter what. Sometime you may have to change your course but still persevere and make sure you have a positive support group.

Pembroke State University

• In 1887 there were no schools for Native Americans in Roberson Co., North Carolina.
• Croatan Normal School was created by the General Assembly on March 7, 1887 in response to a local petition, sponsored by North Carolina Representative Hamilton McMillian of Robeson County.
• This school was a part of the efforts of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina to preserve their unique identity, culture and customs. Access and authority over their own educational system was understood to be of key importance to instilling a sense of pride, and to improving the groups economic and social conditions.
• Fifteen students and one teacher composed the initial complement. With the goal of training American Indian public school teachers. Initially enrollment was limited to the American Indians of Robeson County.
• In 1909, the school moved to its present location, about a mile east of the original site.
• in 1911 the name was changed to the Indian Normal School of Robeson County.
• In 1913 the name was changed to the Cherokee Indian Normal School of Robeson Co.
• In 1926 the school became a two-year post-secondary normal school; until then it had provided only primary and secondary instruction.
• In 1939 it became a four-year institution.
• In 1941 it was renamed Pembroke State College for Indians.
• In 1942 the school began to offer bachelor’s degrees in disciplines other than teaching.
• In 1945 the college was opened to members of all federally recognized tribes.
• In 1949 the name changed to Pembroke State College and presaged the admission of white students, which was approved in 1953 for up to forty percent of total enrollment.
• Between 1939 and 1953, Pembroke State was the only state supported four-year college for Indians in the United States.
• In 1954 after the Supreme Court issued its ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, Pembroke State College ended race restrictions at the college and allowed students of all ethnicities to study.
• In 1969 due to its exponential growth, the General Assembly granted Pembroke State College university status and it became Pembroke State University.
• In 1972 Pembroke State University was incorporated into the University of North Carolina higher education system with 16 other universities.
• In 1978 the first master’s degree program was implemented.
• On July 1, 1996, Pembroke State University became the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.
• The University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP) is a master’s level degree-granting university and one of 17 schools that constitute the University of North Carolina system.

Source – Wikipedia

Albert & Mariah

When I started working on the Harvey Reunion in 2008 for 2010, my main thought was to try to reunite our clan and to honor our ancestors.

Since that time I have met and fallen in love with numerous cousins from all branches of our Harvey family. I’ve renewed relationships with cousins that I have not seen since I was a little girl over 60 years ago. Each reunion that we have brings in new people and makes me proud that as a family we are truly reuniting. I often think of the ones that have gone before us and wish they could have been there to share in the joy and love that you could truly feel. I know they would have been so happy and proud to know that they are not being forgotten.

Well, “The Baugham’s” have raised the bar! This year, 2016, 5 descendents of Albert & Mariah Harvey Baugham’s family have produced a book called Albert & Mariah, Baugham Family Roots.

The Baugham Family History Committee

Carol Melton Mainor – Daughter of Clyde Russell & Beulah Baugham Melton and Granddaughter of Albert & Mariah Harvey Baugham.

Dr. Marilyn Baugham Roberts- Daughter of Connie & Areta Holloway Baugham and the Granddaughter of Albert & Mariah Harvey Baugham.

Tyrone L. Ward (Tiger) – Son of William & Judith Nichols Ward, Grandson of Junious (Bud) and Hattie Mae Baugham Ward, Great Grandson of Albert & Mariah Harvey Baugham.

Kema Mainor Boney – Daughter of George & Carol Melton Mainor, Granddaughter of Clyde Russell & Beulah Baugham Melton and Great Granddaughter of Albert & Mariah Harvey Baugham.

Junious Ward (Jay) – Son of William & Judith Nichols Ward, Grandson of Junious (Bud) and Hattie Mae Baugham Ward, Great Grandson of Albert & Mariah Harvey Baugham.

To purchase this book follow the link below


Please purchase and read this fabulous book. When my copy came Saturday, I stopped everything and was totally engrossed. I had chills just looking at the pictures and remembering times of long ago.

I was so excited I had to call Lois Harvey Jones in California (Annie’s Family), Gloria Nelda Robinson in Philadelphia, PA, (Russell’s Family) and Pam Tann Callens in North Carolina (Tempie’s Family) to tell them about it.

As you read the biographies, the histories and the memories and look at the pictures you will, as Junious Ward said that his Dad use to say, Listen between the lines and see that this was, and is a large, proud, loving and happy family .

Thanks Baugham Family for doing a fantastic job of honoring and keeping the family alive and remembered. This is a book “All” of the family can be proud of and a gem to add to our Family History Collection and to give as a gift to older and younger family members at Christmas.
Love U

Family Updates

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Hey Family,
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Thank You,
Jonathan (John Dock) – L. Russell Harvey’s grandson